romance is not overrated as long as you do not make it your new reality… instead weave your own fairy tale but with a dosage of your reality. dreams are valid!

so here i am back again with another wonderful gutspillage only this time its all mushy and starry eyed. i am sure that  every girl- correction very girl in love with books esp the romance kind- will believe me when i saw a book has the ability to make the worst situation okay if not better. esp ifyou fall in love with the characters. itslike watching a movie ,only that it is inside your head.

ps: i have never written anything that has rejected me as much as this first paragraphs! five attempts? okay maybe four but seroiusly that is too much…. 😦 frustrated but… still ecstatic after the book am about to talk about. it has left me in a high no one can bring me down from. no one!

so am going to venture on the wonderful side of fairy tales and  the world where every girl has a chance of meating a real life prince charming or better yet a knight in shining armour.


this book paints this lovely picture of there being  perfect guy in the world waiting for you and all you have to do is take a leap andchance on it.  lets face it every girl dreams of a happily ever after and dreams that it will be with this perfect guy who does all hecan to make life as smooth for you as possible.

well this book kind of painted that amazing picture for me. i beleive in my own version of fairy tale that has a dose ofreality in it. some people tell me maybe i set too high a standard for my self but no i just beleive in myself and what i deserve. the heroine in this book believes that too and does not settle for any less than that.

she also knows when to let problems go and when to not get consumed in them no matter how much they hurt becasue she rationalizes. overall i just admire how she just goes for what she wants and does not wait for it to get dished out to her on a siver platter.

believe me if we could all be this straight-forward, wouldnt our live be much easier …not perfect just easier.

so till next book’s thoughts…see ya! i have to study for my exam. 😉



some boys…a book that resonates with my soul

when i first started this blog  i was not sure that i would keep it up. i havent for some time but it did help. i wanted to resurface my dream of writing. and i did. laziness and uncommitment is a big issue on my part but oh well i try to change. writing is theurepatic for me and i have come back becasue i have an itch. and i am compelled to scratch it. haha…

so i read alot of books, am sorta kinda like a novel guru and my phone currently has about over a hundred books. and i have been reading a certain book that has pushed me to kind of resurface my blog and do a review of some sort. but in this review i will be doing, i will be pouring my guts out about books i have read, critique a bit and give the lesson i have leraned from the book.

this will not be as consistent as i would like it to be because i will mainly be doing all this after i have read a book that i feel people need to read too…..

Sooooo….for tonight, the book i very much want to talk about is Some Boys by Patty Blount.


so this book is basically about a girl who is raped by one of the most famous jocks in her high school but no one believes her as she was kind of drunk an everyone seems to have made up a story about what really happens. she losses her friends and feels like theworld is against her and fighting her from all directions. she has to armour herself daily to make it thru, but…

see that is not what makes me like this girl, but her strength and courage and the fact she does not cower to those people in her school. no matter the attacks she gets from everyone including her teachers and the fact that her parents think that she should hide as if it was her fault, she doesnt. instead she fights and doesnt wait for anyone to do that for her. she registers that no matter what happened to her, life must go on and she will not show the enemies she is weak or broken even if she really is.

which brings me to my next point; how many girls suffer this kind of torment daily? with no one to turn to? fighting all on their own? those girls are true warriors and despite what happned to them they know that they are made by so much more than that one very cruel incident. and they move past it, some with help and some with sheer bravery.

i know that books are meant for entertainment but no book lacks a moral lesson. you just have to look hard enough.

so yea that is it for tonight but i will be back with more 🙂


The chaotic mind

I know that i promised to continue the book that i had been writing in my previous post but i felt that this is too important and i wanted to share it.

Have you ever had too many ideas in your mind it was almost too impossible to contain them? Well i have and trust me it is as amazing as it sounds. Yes, the ideas do tend to be wonderful but how to express them is the tricky part of ut all. No one is in your mind to help you out, you have to sorely figure that out on your own. And sometimes, it gets too tiring because you find yourself over working your mind.

I for example get my ideas in so many crazy was you would not begin to imagine, like i do take my dreams as ideas for the stories i tend to write. For example, last night i had a dream and well of course i do not remember some snippets of the dream,but i do remember the flow. And when i woke up i had another idea. I had a massive head ache due to the many thoughts i was trying to sort out in my head. So i i took a pen and my wonderful book of ideas, sat down and wrote what was in my mind and cleared it. And surprisingly it worked. I have been doing this for a long time…when am bored i write small bits of the ideas that come to my head, when am sad i do the same and when i need to think clearly i do that too. But not all ideas turn out to be great…do not expect that from yourself. Some may even be so aweful that you would not even want to read them again but some tend to be so amazing that you may write an enchanting book from them and people come to love them.

download (1)So do not close your ideas in your mind. Let your imagination run wild…let it loose from those confinements of your stiff beliefs of not being good enough to produce something amazing. You never know you may surprise yourself. If you are a dreamer like me, please go ahead and dream and do not let go if those dreams, but if you so not remember them that is okay another wonderful dream is around the corner, after all you get to dream every night.

I will never let go, because it is who i am and it defines me and no matter how many times i fail…i will try again because that is how one gets it right finally. By trying until you achieve the perfection you are aiming for.

Patience is also one thing that you should learn to practice. Do not rush your mind to get ideas. They come on their own and words for themself in your head. If you force an idea and overthink it, it may not give you what you want. And this may frustrate you or make you loose the confidence you have in yourself. If the idea gets stuck in the middle or you are unable to finish it…play with the other ideas in your head. Who knows maybe the idea will bloom again and it will be much better than how it would have turned out before. So dont let go…your mind is like your own personal novel if you want it to be.

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a little into my mind, hope my dear readers you do not mind

Today I am going to write small piece of my many stories that clog my mind and hope that you will enjoy this as much as I am enjoying writing it.

The bell rang and the kids walked out of the class noisily. Andrea looked at them and smiled then went back to grading their exams. She was happy doing just that. The kids were a great source of joy to her and she would never trade that for anything else. Her phone rang rousing her from her thoughts. She looked at the screen to see who it was and groaned loudly. It was her dear meddling mother who never quit to make her feel awful.  

“Hello mother what do I owe this very unpleasant surprise?” she asked.

“My dear do not sound so crude!” Her mother retorted as soon as she heard Andrea talking. “Do you remember the dinner that we host annually? To celebrate our family and friends? Please be early and wear something decent. And oh please do not embarrass me like you did last time. And do not forget to go to the spar, last time your skin was so dreadful and make you hair presentable….”

Andrea hang up cutting her mother’s speech short, rubbing her temples due to the pain that was beginning to manifest. There was nothing worse than talking to her dear mother. She always found a way to sour her day and make it so dreadful. She looked at the papers she had been grading and huffed in frustration. She put them into her briefcase and then arranged the rest of her things. She was done with all her classes for the day so she could go home.

As soon as she got into her one bedroomed closet apartment she went straight to the refrigerator and took out her big bowl of ice cream. She needed the strength she seemed to derive from that guilty pleasure of hers. She sighed in pleasure after taking the first spoonful of the ice cream then went back to grading her student’s papers.

She looked at her closet and shook her head in wonder. She did not own any decent dress anymore. All the ones she had were old and she could not possibly go with the same dress she had the previous year, her mother would have a coronary.  She called her best friend Natalia to help her find a dress for the stupid dinner party she had to attend.

“Why do you always go if you hate your family so much?” Natalia asked as they perused the dresses in the store they had come to shop in.

“I do not hate everyone or anyone as a matter of fact I just dislike my dear mother and her precious daughter, Delia, that’s all.” Andrea answered shrugging..

Natalia looked at her with the look that said ‘yeah right’. But she wisely decided to stop talking about that particular subject. Natalia tried to get Andrea to go to the spa but that did not happened but at least she went to the salon. That was progress according to Natalia.

That evening Andrea looked at herself and grudgingly admitted that she looked better than she had ever looked before. She was in a floor length silver dress that clung to her body like a second skin and had a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves. The dress brought out her features and made them look exotic- her silver eyes and her ash blonde hair. She hated make up but she had allowed Natalia to apply a little on her. She hoped her mother would appreciate the effort she had made not bother her at all the whole evening.

The dinner was as grand as always. Her mother did not want to term it as a party but due to all the people she invited it was the correct rem but she would never tell her that.

“ANDREA! Oh my you look lovely!” her grandmother exclaimed loudly attracting too much attention.

She smiled at her grandmother and walked to her and gave her a huge hug. Her grandmother smiled and then wheeled away to talk to the other guests. Andrea sensed someone looking at her from behind. She looked and saw her mother and her sister glaring at her.

“You look good Andrea,” Delia said with a fake smile directed to her.

“Thank you Delia, mother please excuse me I have to go and mingle with the other guests,” Andrea told her mother and sister and walked away to avoid a scene.

They glared at her till she vanished into the crowd of guest who were invited. She was not sure why they were mad at her but she did not care at all. As she was talking to Mr. James, one of her father’s friends she saw him and her heart stopped. ‘What was he doing here?’ she asked herself unable to look away. Then she saw why and managed to finally look away but not before seeing his expression as he saw her. Andrea was not sure how the night would progress but she was beginning to dread it even more.

    To be continued…

if you enjoyed this please be sure to let me know and i promise to continue this next time



The art of reading a book… a journey worth taking


Starting a book is easy finishing well that needs a little more attention and patience. One has to be committed to reading that book- but do not let that stop you from doing all that you are supposed to. Do nor prioritize the book. Let it be a gradual finish, give yourself time to speculate and wonder. Give yourself time to imagine. Similarly to how we wait for a series to proceed to its next season and while we are waiting we create many scenarios of what maybe.

Find time to read, no one is going to pressure you to finish that book. Finish it at you own pace be it in five years, months, days or even weeks. It will end eventually. Do not get sucked into the book, trust me you miss out on many thing that may have made the reading experience better. I remember when I was in primary I used to read book in a span of about four to twelves if the book was a large volume and funnily I never remembered any character’s name only the story line of the book. Now when I take my time and read a book slowly and not only do I remember what happened who did what but also I got to learn a lot from these books.

If you have issues with finishing a novel, start small. Take baby steps after all when beginning something the start always matters. I, for starters started reading at a particularly young age. My dad bought me these nice story books, I don’t know if you have heard of them…, the Bibi Bero collection. For example the prince with six toes and other stories and the gift of God and other stories. I started with those, build up my interest in them.

Then after those I started reading the primary level books, first started off with the picture baring ones then evolved to those with no pictures. These were a bit challenging to read at first because it was just a lake of word and words that were never ending in each page but when you finally boost your imagination it works. You just have to create a movie in your head using the words your reading to make the reading even more interesting and it works.


For example the book above is an interesting example. It has many short stories that are pictured and are intriguing as well as they tell you what the book is going to be about. For example, the first story, when the sun goes down, is a moving love story that shows unity between two people even though they are faced with too many challenges and everyone deserts them.

Do not rush the process, begin slowly and also progress slowly, it takes time. Just like learning ABC to a child takes time. But all in all, do not lose the interest to read. If you do that you are going to be able to read and enjoy books of any size and volume in no time and trust me it is an experience worth being patient for.




the euphoria one experiences when reading

i do not know about others but personally there is nothing greater than the feeling one gets when you begin a new book. it is like an adventure you are about to embark on and you want nothing to hinder that. you just want to know what happens next at each page and you also try to build different scenarios in your mind about the book wondering how it would have turned out.

for many you usually pick your favourite character who you claim was a love at first read for you. well that is always the part i crave when i start any novel, whichever genre it will be. i have over 200 books in my phone and it is a joy to anticipate reading each one of them and also getting more.

currently am reading a romance novel, Crazy girl by B. N. Toler, and i have this amazing love, Wren. he is the typical broody types of guys who are so afraid of commitments and keep too many secrets due to their past experiences. am eager to unravel him as the novel progresses and see who he will become at the end of the whole experience with the crazy girl.

the happiness that comes from reading novels is one many should look forward to. if you do not it is always not too late to start. as time goes on i will let in a few secrets on how to be patient when reading a book and how to keep the interest in the book ignited so that you can reach the end. finishing a book is usually an achievement especially one that is big in volume.

i really look forward to sharing my ideas ans getting others in return for the success of the experience that i am beginning today.